Halo: Community Update – Quick Reflects

Halo: Smoke and Shadow Cover

Another week, another reason to give thanks, as the newest community update has been released. On the lighter side of information, a new update teaser was released in the most recent live-stream, showing off the Grenade Launcher, Sentinel Beam, and Anti-Air model for the Wraith. Josh Holmes, one of 343’s major figureheads and the now former studio head for Halo 5, announced his departure. Here’s hoping for the best in his future, as well as our unparalleled appreciation for his hard work on the franchise. In the spirit of giving thanks, a few studio members like Chris Lee and Bonnie Ross dedicated some notes on the past 15 years of the Halo franchise. And, the newest Halo novel, written by literary artist Kelly Gay, got a spotlight section in this CU, coming the 28th of November.

Of course, there was plenty of extra information in the article, such as the community spotlight and a highlight of Xbox’s 15th anniversary. You can view more at HaloWaypoint.com.

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