Halo: Community Update – Blitzing the Night Away

The latest community update has hit the internet, courtesy of the ever-gracious Ske7ch, with a nice round of Halo news for all facets of the community. The Blitz beta is still ongoing on Xbox One and PC, and playing now will grant you 20 free blitz packs to close out the beta this 30th. A few myths about bugs in the beta were also busted and some tips given for those that might be confused on how to play. A Warzone Firefight easter egg was very recently teased, with a hint provided in this week’s update. It was shortly after discovered by members of the community to be a grunt riding a crawler. The nine classic helmets teased before the launch of Monitor’s Bounty are confirmed to be (probably) releasing on the 9th, assuming no changes are made. They will be available in a special pack for RP and real currency.

If you’re interested in reading up on more, like the new test playlist for 12 man Warzone teams or the REQ level changes, you can check out the update in its natural form on HaloWaypoint.com.

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