Where’d everybody go?

*UPDATE* – Somehow, in another strange turn of events, the original map has returned, with everybody’s pins intact. Go figure…

Somehow, our entire Frappr map went missing. Don’t know what happened but it’s a shame too because last time I checked I think we had like around 250 pins on the map. And then POOF!–it was gone.

So I started it all over again. It’s a clean slate now, so get over there and add yourself and represent your part of the world!


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12 Responses to Where’d everybody go?

  1. foomojive says:

    I think names dropped off over time for some reason. Let’s all post our location again, though, it’s really fun to see how spread out the podtacular crew is! You may even find someone in your own town.

  2. Lord hobo says:

    im on :)

  3. QualityJeverage says:

    I’m up representin’ Canucks with Samanator, go Frappr!

  4. vote4JR says:

    painkilla modded it to go away

  5. Dialpex says:

    Im there… Smallest State… Biggest Noob Pwneeeeerrrrr.!!!!!!!!

  6. RusOmi7677 says:

    most of yall only this [——————] far away from me on a map LOL

  7. Sugar Daddie says:

    Im on

  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Painkilla has restaked his territory

  9. Stealth Zealot says:

    im gonna to repost now (it pulled a hudini)

  10. KIMO23 says:

    for all you fans, you can now find out where KIMO23 is.

  11. Total Sacrifice says:

    I have my picture up. ;)

  12. xXxITCxXx says:

    No use for me putting mine up.

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