This is the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, but We Like to Call it the “Warthog”


At first glance, this heavily modified Chevy Colorado ZH2 looks like a rugged, off-road military machine that could pass as a vehicle in Halo, but add in the hydrogen powered electric engine and now you’re talking things of the future!  Revealed at the U.S. Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition, the truck’s modified suspension and 37-inch tires makes this one powerful off-road machine.  The new engine produces a lower heat signature and quieter operating noise, and since its only fuel is hydrogen, similarly to Halo’s Warthog, the only emission is water.  The fuel cell powering the modified ZH2 is mounted in the bed of the truck and can be removed and used as a portable generator.  Unfortunately, the truck is still undergoing testing and we likely won’t see it in use for another year.

Source: Car and Driver

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