Stream the latest Podtacular show from your PC to your Xbox360

Have an Xbox360 and a PC? Want to listen to Podtacular on your 360? Here’s an easy new way to do it. What’s cool is it automatically updates the podcast too, so you always have the most recent show to listen to! Here’s an explanation of what it does from the xbstream web site:

bq. XB Stream automatically downloads and converts text based content feeds into images that can be viewed from the media>pictures>computer blade and hear audio podcasts/blogcasts from the media>music>computer blade. Content feeds are automatically managed by the software so you are always given fresh feeds, and older feeds are automatically deleted. Audio feeds show up as playlists and can be listened to while playing your favorite games!

Of course you can’t listen to it while playing Halo, which sucks, but at least you can listen to it while playing a 360 game. (EDIT: Apparently you can! See the how in the comments) By the way, don’t download anything before version 1.1 of this software or it will fill up your hard drive. What do you guys think of xbstream?

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7 Responses to Stream the latest Podtacular show from your PC to your Xbox360

  1. Logan Payne says:

    Sweet but I usually just play it through the dashboard of my HD since Opera downloads so fast anyway.

  2. Lousir says:

    This sounds like an excellent idea. What would be awesome is if you were able to have your stock quotes and market share tickers scrolling across the bottom of your screen.

  3. roman craig says:

    You can listen to your music from your 360 even in Halo 2…just set up your playlist and start playing your music from the dashboard. Once it begins playing, just pop in your Halo 2 disc and play. The music will play in the background and you’ll still hear all the H2 sounds as well. The only thing that sucks is you can’t adjust the music (rewind, fast forward, stop play) until you go back to the dashboard.

  4. ausomadam says:

    sounds pertty cool i guess???

  5. SDtektiv says:

    oo Shiny new text adjuster things^ sweet CapnKrunk (sorry offtopic)

    This reminds me of that episode where Foomo recalls a time when a member told him a story about how he was playing snipers and was listening to the sniper episode of Podtacular on his iPod simultaneously. As he started following the tips, it helped him win the game. (Example: He was just standing there, and then he heard “In snipers games you should never stay still” so he moved and then white streams whizzed past his forehead). Perhaps this will do the same thing.

  6. JuanoTejano says:

    You can use the media center remote to change music tracks and other stuff even in back compatable games.

  7. ExpandedFlame says:

    Honestly, nothing new.. I could do just the same with Windows Media Connect, since I stream all my iTunes music/podcasts to my xbox 360..

    but yea, there were some major issues with XB Stream 1.0..

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