Podtacular deals: free game trades and credits at goozex.com!

I was recently contacted by the founders of goozex.com, the game trading site. They noticed that a lot of their members were from here, so they wanted to offer Podtacular members a special deal at goozex for trading in games. Use the coupon code podtacular-2007 for 5 free trades and 100 free credits after the first trade! Read on for a quick explanation of how it works.

Anyone else have old games lying around that they don’t play? Want to trade them in for games you want? With a selection of over 18,000 games and a point system to accurately rate the value of your games, this is way better than gamestop.

Once the goozex guys got in touch with me I signed up to check it out. For every trade you need two things: one trade credit and enough points (goozex currency) to get the game. You can get points by trading in games you own. This is a great system that makes games a lot more accessible than some other game trading sites out there. It also makes it so you don’t have to worry over whether you’ll get your promised game back.

First thing you’ll want to do with your beefed-up Podtacular account is trade in some games for credits so you can get your first game. What you do is post games you want to trade in on a list on the site. When there’s a match, they send you the address to send it to (you can accept or decline it). Once they get it, you get points added to your account. On top of that, the Podtacular coupon gets you 100 free points just for trading in your first game!

So after this you’ll want to get some games yourself of course. They have a cool wish list system going where you get in line for the next available game you want. Pretty soon you’ll be notified that a game is on the way. Normally you’d be charged a buck for each of these but you get 5 freebies with the Podtacular code.

Hope you guys enjoy the deal. Keep an eye on the forums, the founders are going to stop by to say hi and answer any questions we might have. Just so you know, Goozex is the favorite game trading site of CheapAssGamer.com, a HUGE gaming community with a cool podcast.

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15 Responses to Podtacular deals: free game trades and credits at goozex.com!

  1. OnlyUPS says:

    awesome! do these expire?

  2. foomojive says:

    they probably expire in 2007.

  3. STFUnoob XD says:

    sounds go0d to me

  4. tubaguhbluba says:


  5. plasma qrenades says:

    Awesome…Podtacular is so amazing at life

  6. Chevelle65 says:

    I signed up!

  7. Stooch says:

    That’s pretty cool.

  8. XDigitalSlayrX says:


  9. Goozex says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve made my introduction and answering questions on another thread linked here

  10. T says:

    Wow. These guys are awesome for doing this and after looking at the site, i like they way they have it set up. I’m glad they gave this offer because i other wise would’ve never heard of them.

  11. tubaguhbluba says:

    I love Goozex!!!!!!!!! i get to send in superman returns (the most RETARDED GAME EVER!!!!!) for an old, but still pimp game, spider-man 2, with points to spare! sign up for this or u SUCK!!!

  12. foomojive says:

    I got my first game yesterday. quick shipping, box, manual, unscratched game. great service!

  13. marooner says:

    i think the idea and how it works is great, really cheap great games. What more could you want!!!!

  14. soulshadow dude says:

    This system is awsome! Goodbye Gamestop!

  15. Babamthegrunt says:

    W00t zors!

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