June 2006 Matchmaking Playlist Update

Looks like the matchmaking update is coming soon and they let us know some preliminary details. Thanks Jburton for finding this and posting in the forums!

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17 Responses to June 2006 Matchmaking Playlist Update

  1. Reaping Raven says:

    wtf no more clanmatch?????

  2. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Dahh what are the new stuff coming to Matchmaking?

  3. foomojive says:

    nope. they linked to a bungie club called clan match for ways to set up clan matches now. it’s because the system was flawed: at any time you could dissolve your clan, make a new one with some Xs around it, and plow through the noobs just for fun. sucks for the low levels.

  4. foomojive says:

    # Team SWAT
    # Big Team is split into BTB Slayer and BTB Skirmish
    # no more 6v6
    # Diplomacy added to ActionSack!

    and other less important stuff

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Whats Diplomacy?

  6. foomojive says:

    actually my mistake it’s minimum slayer. so probably scoring set to minimum on a slayer game. call it weakest link. diplomacy is team slayer with scoring set to maximum.

  7. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Team Swat sound’s cool, 6v6 was really fun.

  8. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Diplomacy would it be ranked?

  9. Skinman says:

    Cool, I liked 6v6 when it was a slayer game so hopefully 8v8 slayer will be similar. Team Swat should be cool too.

  10. Dialpex says:

    Thats kool… I can’t wait for the updates… although i hated the 2 big team games now.. More people = more lag = more mods.

  11. acidic dot says:

    That’s kinda weird 6v6 hasn’t been in there for very long now.

  12. foomojive says:

    i guess people weren’t playing it that much.

  13. A Oompa Loompah says:

    I dont no what’s the problem with 6v6, I never got modded before.

  14. CARTS says:

    i dindnt really like 6v6 anyways

  15. El Gophero says:

    i freakin love SWAT

  16. face head says:

    6v6…RIP….that was my fav..when ever i played it at friends….i’d pw3n….

  17. Sugar Daddie says:

    SWAT’s my fave EVER! You shall all fall at my knees Mwahaha!

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