It’s finally here!!!

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Hello everyone.

Yes! It’s finally here, the xbox 360 dashboard update that many of us waited for. We can now download stuff while listening to music or even playing a game among all other 140+ updates.
Go ahead and check all the details here and learn everything that Microsoft decided to give us this spring.

You can also check the forums for more information and different opinions on what’s new on the 360 downloads section, themes, pictures, movie trailers, etc…

Matchmaking Update Released

Going along with the good news we also have the Matchmaking update out there right now. Team SWAT, BT Skirmish and BT Slayer along with the removal of the Clan Matches play list. Click here for more info. So what are you waiting for? Go pwn some noobs.!!!!


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9 Responses to It’s finally here!!!

  1. spartan1118 says:


  2. Epmatsw says:

    Awesome update. By the way, this is sort of off topic, but does anyone know how to get music onto the 360 faster than by ripping audio cd’s? Like maybe a program and jump drive, or maybe data cds?

  3. Dialpex says:

    I don’t know but one of the updates is shuffle songs and some new screen savers and stuff… that’s kool…

  4. JVB says:

    My favorite add-ons are the DVD upscale through VGA cables..:-). And you can now boot to the dashboard with a disk in the tray.

  5. Sgt Sharpie says:

    woot! love the multi d/l!

  6. Sugar Daddie says:

    I cant wait to get back online!

  7. spartan1118 says:

    I wish that you could transfer music to and from your iPod/Portable Music Player along with a music store in the martketplace or something.

  8. A Oompa Loompah says:

    I can’t tell the diffirence! lol

  9. Pedro Taco says:

    Dial made it to the frount page!

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