Gaming For GI’s. is putting together a very worthy charity event, that will last till the end of May. The idea is to help our soldiers understand how much they mean to us, by providing them with copies of games, gamer points, etc.

Here is the full description of the event.

Games for GI’s

What is the one of the biggest holidays of the year? The answer is Memorial Day, and why is that? Its not because most of you get a 4 day weekend for work, nor because its signals that summer is about it start, its because it is the day that we are suppose to remember all those that gave there life fighting for this country and what they believe in. Memorial Day is also about thinking about those that are risking there lives overseas every day. So hear at XBL Radio we decided to hold a game drive for these awesome and sometimes forgot about troops.

Games for GI’s

Since XBL Radio is all about the gaming community, we are asking those out there in the community to join together and donate what you can. It doesn’t matter if its a new or used game, it doesn’t matter if its for the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo DS nor does it matter if you can only share one game, all that matters is that we put forth an effort to show support for the troops (our friends, family or strangers) any way you can. It can even be something like MS points or months or years free on Xbox live. This will go on for the whole month of May, then at the end of the month XBL Radio will be contacting local recruiters and send all that we have received overseas.

So if your willing to donate, please feel free to send your donations to:

XBL Radio
Games for GI’s
PO Box 4382
Federal Way, WA 98063

If you want to include a thank you card or something with your donation I will be more then happy to pass this along. And everything received here will also go straight to the troops overseas.

I also ask that you help by passing the word about this within the gaming community and help us make a difference. Tell your friends and other websites and ask them to help spread the word about this because if word does get spread, this will be absolutely huge and awesome for our troops.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to you can ask away here or you can email myself at, where I would be more then happy enough to answer any of your questions. By the way, I will be taking the first few comment sections to list those that donated and the donations received so everyone can see how this is going so far. Our goal is at least a total of 50 games but if all goes well and the word gets spread it can be so much more then that.

Thanks for all your help and support now lets send out some games!!

If you run a website and would like to support our cause please email me at I have pictures and banners being set up right

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  1. ausomadam says:

    rofl my dad is in the army they get games bootleg lol but yeah i told him about this he said it will mean alot to the younger soldiers

  2. foomojive says:

    cool idea. way to go XBLradio!

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