Gamerscore Blog says Podtacular is a “must hear”

This past Friday, John Porcaro at the awesome Gamerscore blog talked about his addiction to podcasts and included Podtacular on his list of must hear podcasts. If you didn’t know, Gamerscore blog is written by members of the Microsoft Games marketing team. It’s good to know Microsoft is listening!

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5 Responses to Gamerscore Blog says Podtacular is a “must hear”

  1. Infektion X says:

    go podtacular. microsoft is being smart. podtacular is being cool.

  2. Algebra Cow says:

    W00t microsoft loves us.

  3. KIMO23 says:

    add 1 to the publicity list!

  4. TFD says:

    Sw337 ho7n355

  5. Halo3 Fanatic says:

    WHOOT.  Next thing ya know, Podtac’ll be on the news :P

    I can see it now:

    “Well known Podcast “Podtacular” and it’s website were given a large donation of money today by Bill Gates for supporting Microsoft and their products.  Gates declares “Dude, Podtacular rocks!  I listen to it on my iPod all the time!! wait..erm…ok, don’t air this…I don’t want my Microsoft minions thinking I support Apple in any way…”

    How shocking.  Back to you, Diane.

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