We’re Going to E3!

We’re pleased to announce that we will have a presence at E3 this year thanks to the generosity of 343 Industries hooking us up with a Press Pass to the Xbox Press Briefing and the show floor.  We’re looking forward to giving you the latest information on the Halo announcements during the convention.

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6 Responses to We’re Going to E3!

  1. typfon says:

    congrats :)

  2. Gunfigter100 says:

    Dustin, if you were any more excited you’d be jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch! :) Congrats and have a good time.

  3. PensHALO says:

    I watch this and your excitement is palpable. I got all fired up in just listening/watching it.

  4. Phastroh says:

    WTH where is Brent? Is he going? I hope so but he has to make a video first but I don’t know if he can match your level of excitement without acting lessons. Common Brent you have to go and make a video.

  5. Dust Storm says:

    Brent unfortunately won’t be going.

  6. Phastroh says:

    Awwww booooooo!!! That stinks but I know we can count on you for great coverage and information. I personally cannot wait for it. One day I will go but I live near Tampa, Florida so it is far away. I wish they had E3 2015 over here but if I was gonna go it would be next year.

    I hope you have a kick ass time and get to do a lot of great things. I can totally understand your excitement. I think I would have been air boxing if I was going.

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