Pardon Our Dust

You all may have noticed that we’re not running exactly at full speed. There have been some issues with the hardware our hosting service is using that we are hosted on, which has caused some downtime last night, and inevitably, some missing content. The latest podcast has been restored, but the homepage side of things will be a little slow until hosting services are fully restored. Please be patient as we wait for our hosting to be fully restored.

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9 Responses to Pardon Our Dust

  1. The Reclaimer says:

    Enough with the excuses already. We all know you guys just cant get enough of h4, and neither can i. I get that. Podcasting takes up a lot of time, and thats something we gamers dont got. Im just sayin enjoy h4 to the fullest, and although that may not seem possible, just dont worry bout us listeners. Im fine with 1 podcast release per week, i can survive ;P

  2. Doody Bound says:

    Totally unacceptable Reclaimer! The people will rise up and DEMAND absolute perfection from their leaders! We will demand that all our needs be satisfied, and that we come first before them! Our pockets will be filled, and theirs will be half full! We will rise as a people and …wait a second…this isn’t the political forums…uh…carry on as you were dusty.

  3. Bioman998 says:

    Nice, Doody Bound.

  4. Dust Storm says:

    Well, from the podcast I just recorded tonight with a certain someone, I think you all will be satisfied.

  5. The Reclaimer says:

    Hey doody just give dust a break is all im saying. If u got overworked im sure you would like a nice break every once in a while too. I mean, im sure the guy works his ass off just to keep us listneners at bay, as we flood him him with requests and ideas (see what i did there, hehe), and as we’ve seen, hes doing an amazing job at surviving us flood. He just needs a chance to reload every now and then.

  6. Doody Bound says:

    Reclaimer, I hope you realized that my comment had nothing to do about anything and was just a joke.

  7. RJDiaz says:

    I’m pretty hungry right now

  8. The Reclaimer says:

    Good one! ;P

  9. TacoPK says:

    I like bacon

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