Waypoint Update: May 1st


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an update as hefty as this one, but the latest Halo Community Update is loaded with details after the latest MCC patch.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to Halo Waypoint for all the details.  Here’s a short rundown of what we’ve got.  First up is the latest Canon Fodder written by friend of the show and lore guru, GrimBrother One, who addresses last week’s Hunt the Truth episode and puzzle the community solved.  The latest patch was identified by the community to have party issues for those with large friends list sizes and a hotfix is on the way.  They’ve also received feedback on rank matching in matchmaking with how wide the search windows is, which they’re addressing on the back end.  Bravo goes into some detail on how quitting plays into Xbox One’s reputation system, which the Master Chief Collection uses during matchmaking.  There’s a lot of details he covers but brings up these two main points:

  • All quits are automatically tracked and recorded. It’s worth noting that we’re monitoring the state of games and evaluating additional parameters to determine the severity of the quit, including how many players have already quit the match, etc. Additionally, we understand that on rare occasions, you may need to leave a game, run out of the house for an emergency, or your internet may drop, amongst other unforeseen events. Fear not, upstanding citizen – a small number of quits over long a time period will not negatively impact your score enough to cause you to drop reputation levels.
  • Any player who betrays their teammates more than what is considered accidental behavior will also receive an automatic report, and may be kicked out by the host or betrayed player. Similar to the above, a poorly placed Plasma Grenade every once in a while will not place you on the naughty list.

Playlists are a constant quandary with the multiplayer team, and with fan feedback on the experiences already provided, they’re looking for ways to make the fan favorite rotational playlists more permanent and are looking for ways to include more variety to the rotation.

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