April MCC Update Details


Today we get a first look at the next Master Chief Collection update coming next week.  The April Update is now in the certification process and the full patch notes will be available when the update goes live.  Typical stability and party updates will be included along with:

  • New penalties and monitoring for quitting and betrayals
  • A variety of ranking system improvements and fixes
  • Updated Halo 3 Forge to include editing for all game types

The update to the ranking system puts in place some significant improvements that will allow ranks to be rolled out to additional playlists.  The first playlists to receive the updated ranking system will be Team Slayer and the HCS playlist.  This rollout will also reset the Halo 2: Anniversary ranks.  As the ranking system is tested for stability, it will be rolled out to additional playlists.

SWAT will be brought back as the featured playlist including Halo 3 gametypes.  With the Forge improvements to Halo 3, other playlists utilizing the game in their hoppers will have new Halo 3 gametypes and maps included making their way into matchmaking.

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  1. Gamedude03 says:

    [Updated Halo 3 Forge to include editing for all game types] YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Happy) ^w^

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