T-Shirt Contest Now Open!

Welcome to the Podtacular T-Shirt Design Contest
Your task is to design a t-shirt for Podtacular.

There will be two winners for this competition. After submissions close the staff will pick the shirt they like the most, and that will win the Staff Pick. Then the polls will open and you can vote on the remaining designs for Community Choice.

The winners will get their shirts as prizes. Oh, and some XBLA games codes are in there too.

1. The shirt must have the podtacular logo on it somewhere
2. The shirt must have “Podtacular” written on it somewhere
3. The shirt can have the site URL on it. (Preferred to have)
4. Don’t put anything silly on it (you know what I mean)

However we will allow material licensed under a proper Creative Commons license (that is the point of it after all).
You are free to use any colours or designs you feel like.

The shirts have 4 parts: Front, Back, and each sleeve. You don’t have to use all of them.

If anyone wants to have a character of the anyone in their shirt contact them first to get approval (that includes staff). Keep in mind even if you don’t win your design can still be chosen for use in the store. Use this thread for suggestions, showing your progress, etc.

When you finish send the finished product to my email address: lancelot@podtacular.com
Preferably I’d like submissions to be hosted on a free image hosting site like Photobucket.

The thread for discussions is HERE.

Lets put the deadline for designs at April 3rd. Good luck everyone!

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