September EGM to give details on Halo 3 single-player

I just got my new August issue of EGM and found this on the back page about the upcoming issue.


The Flood lay waste to a futuristic Pittsburgh! The Covenant die from chicken pox! And Master Chief faces his greatest enemy yet: Voltron! Yes, we are spouting bulls*** about Halo 3’s mysterious campaign mode, but next month we’ll be the first mag with details on how this third installment in the space-shooter series finishes the fight that Halo 2’s cliff-hanger ending c***blocked. And we’re showing as well as telling, with lots of single-player screens that–from what we’ve seen so far–look better than the multiplayer game. We’re topping it all off with enough new multiplayer details to fill a star cruiser. It’s a double-barrel blast of Halo 3 intel that should leave you gooier than the Flood in July and hold you over until the game hits Xbox 360 on September 25.

Just like with last year’s December issue, EGM appears to have another big scoop on Halo 3. This time, however, they’re going to uncover some details on campaign, so be prepared to find possible spoilers. What do you think? With just a couple of months to go, are you going to pick this up or just wait until September 25th?

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11 Responses to September EGM to give details on Halo 3 single-player

  1. a surly hobo says:

    Why? Why would they spoil the story? People are going to buy it and talk about it all over the net and someone who doesn’t want to hear about it may accidentally stumble across it.

  2. immortalthree says:

    You beat me to it Krunk! I just got my issue yesterday and was going to post about it haha.

  3. tubaguhbluba says:

    when the story comes out next month, if u put it on the front page, please put *SPOILER!!!* i dont wanna know the story line until i play the game

  4. yup277 says:

    If someone who didn’t want to know accidentally stumbled accross it, then all they would have to do would be to not read it…

  5. yup277 says:

    Anything that they do say about the campaign wouldn’t be too spoiling otherwise Bungie wouldn’t allow it.

  6. Duffman X18 says:

    I say: if you don’t want to know about, DON’T READ IT. Even if you see a page, as long as you don’t read any of the text, your fine, right?

  7. Killazilla says:

    I believe the policy is no single player at all revealed in the site.

    I won’t pick this issue up because of the spoilers but I hope someone talks about the MP stuff.

  8. BigGoalieDan says:

    Yeah I dont want to hear about it. And people, please if any of you do pick it up and read it and make ANY threads don’t forget the SPOILER! in the title!!!! Don’t make me come through the interwebs… :D

  9. lucastoast says:

    WOOT! Finally the covenant get the itchy red spots they deserve.
    Other than that I agree with yup277, Bungie would never let them leak critical story data.

  10. Painkilla05 says:

    Wow, I just looked in the back of my EGM. Not sure how I missed that.

  11. Yoshi_Sensei says:

    I bought the gamepro one about the halo 3 goodies, but that’s for multiplayer stuff only.

    But for this EGM one, I’m gonna pass, being that it will include campaign stuff.

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