Original Halo Remake Confirmed

The rumor has been out for a while now that the new adopters of the Halo franchise would be making a Halo: Combat Evolved remake. Well, today those rumors come to rest as 343 has confirmed the development of the remake of the game that kicked off the Xbox. There are still lots of little pieces that we don’t know about the game that could make or break it. According to Joystiq, the remake will not run off of the Reach engine but by something being put together by Saber Interactive. Rumors of the confirmed rumor are that the remake will essentially be a graphics makeover with HDTV and 3DTV support with online co-op.

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7 Responses to Original Halo Remake Confirmed

  1. So how will they do 3D on the 360? Will it be like Black Ops? I personally have seen how it does 3D on the 360.

    I really hope overall that this isn’t true. I would like to see CE in the Reach engine and I don’t want anyone who touched TimeShift touching Halo. Personally, I didn’t like the game.

  2. Carts says:

    “remake will essentially be a graphics makeover with HDTV and 3DTV support with online co-op.”

    Glad to hear this, however no mention of Online multiplayer?

  3. kikoroo says:

    One of TWO Halo games being worked on by 343? Hmmm…. :D

  4. PunxsatownyPhil says:

    Told you.

  5. Yay!!!! Halo 1, the game I suck at…. Looks like I better stop using the DMR/Needle Rifle all together. Just use that Pistol and an AR. Make sniping intense! Yay Chill Out and Sidewinder and Damnation, and Hang em’ High and all the other greatness return!!!! There better be a proper 3 shot sniping Pistol or I’m through playing Halo. Thats all I’m saying!

  6. Kickimanjaro says:

    Happy face

  7. DemonicWarpig says:

    without bungie the great prodogie that created halo this game will be short lived, the company now “remaking” the first halo is just looking for a quick buck before they completely destroy the game that built the foundations of xbox, this game is going to suck and halo is most likely finished. why couldnt bungie just keep their work going? oh well modern warfare 3 comes out this year, be better off just buying that

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