Microsoft Closing Down Xbox Entertainment Studios

As part of a company-wide restructuring and reduction of jobs over the next year, Microsoft will shut down it’s Xbox Entertainment Studios.  XES just debut this past month with “Every Street United” and had a lineup of programming announced earlier in the year including Halo: Nightfall and the Halo TV Series.  All of the current productions will finish up including the Halo series, but Microsoft will slowly wind down the studio and continue pursuing app partnerships with other entertainment providers like Netflix and TV providers.  Microsoft started focusing on the gamers as evident with the presentation at E3 this year.  With the price reduction of the Xbox One removing the Kinect, sales of the console more than doubled last month.  More info about the announcement and a letter sent out from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox can be found on

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One Response to Microsoft Closing Down Xbox Entertainment Studios

  1. Gagnon30 says:

    At first look, one might jump that MS isnt doing well to make such a move. But they have a long history of using partners to do this type work. Then again I currently work for a global leader in its field who do this type thing with new groups and projects launching and closing in similar fashion.

    Rducing staff on the MS payroll will be a bucket saver on one page of thier books as far as staffing cost. The flipside is paying a vendor (partner) to likely do similar work on your behalf will take an increase on the accoutning page of the group managing 3rd party work.

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