Marty O’Donnell Fired by Bungie’s Guardians

For years we’ve been graced with truly epic and memorable music in the Halo franchise, but in a late night tweet, Martin O’Donnell announced that Bungie fired him on April 11th without any reasons given. His unique, artistic style has given games like Myth, Oni and Halo truly immersive soundtracks and produced perhaps one of the most iconic theme songs in the gaming industry. There are few details on why Bungie’s Board of Directors decided to let Marty go with all of his previous successes and with only one Destiny game currently on the production line. Halo and Bungie fans alike share a certain sympathy for Marty today as the beloved audio director and composer for Bungie over the last two decades is released from his Ivory Tower. Where his journey make take him we’ll have to wait and see, but if 343 is looking to bring some old time Halo feels back to the franchise, there may be someone out there looking for a job now.

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