Evil Geniuses wins the Halo World Championship Tour X Games Invitational

XGames Gold

In the second event on the Halo World Championship Tour, Evil Geniuses takes home X Games gold and wins $15,ooo in prize money.  The championship round came down to a final game 7 in a best of 7 series, Team Slayer on Regret against rival team Counter Logic Gaming.  After Lxthul left EG and joined CLG, EGpicked up Commonlyy and having these two teams make it to the finals was what everyone wanted to see.  While CLG did not drop a single game until the finals, EG pulled out the win for the first ever Halo X Games gold medals.

XGames Final Bracket

While the outcome of the X Games Invitational will not affect the standings in current regions, this event possibly gives us a glimpse into what the Halo World Championship Finals may look like.  Unfortunately, the two international teams didn’t make it to the semis, but we’re hopeful we’ll see a few star teams put the US teams to the test.

XGames Placing

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