HaloUNITY – Uniting Halo Communities

HaloUNITY is a new website brought to you by the guys who run Halo Charts, Halo Challenges and HaloRing.org. It is a place where everyone will be able to collaborate with other communities and see events and activities that are going on in the various communities. With Halo 4 on the horizon, this is the perfect place for newcomers to Halo to see what the Halo community as a whole is all about. I have personally awaited a day where a site like this came together and it is nice to see this collaboration in place. For all of our forum members, we will have an award that you will be able to earn for being a part of the “old” forums before the new one get’s finished (more incentive for me to get it done :D). There are achievements over there as well along with credits and a ranking system, very similar to Halo: Reach. What are you waiting for: sign up today!

On that note, the first episode of the HaloUNITY podcast is out and available on iTunes.

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  1. Carts says:

    I was expecting this a long time ago.

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