Halo: The Master Chief Collection Pre-Order Bonuses

Halo: THe Master Chief Collection

We’re still trying to play catch-up from the last week of E3 escapades and happenings, but we’ve noticed something interesting when you pre-order the Master Chief Collection from participating retailers.  Currently  three resellers, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and ShopTo are currently offering unlockable campaign skulls when you pre-order the game from their respective stores.

Pinata SullAmazon is offering the Piñata Skull, which causes enemies to drop plasma grenades when they are hit by a melee.

Grunt Funeral SkullBest Buy is offering the Grunt Funeral skull.  While it says that you explode after your death, it is probably the same as the Grunt Funeral skull found in the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign where grunts explode after being killed.

Bandana SkullGamestop is offering the Bandana skull, which gives the player unlimited ammunition and grenades during the campaign.

Bonded Pair SkullUPDATE: ShopTo, a UK retailer is offering the Bonded Pair skull, which gives a player 100% damage boost when their co-op partner dies. Another note is that it is mentioned to be exclusive to pre-order customers only until December 12th, 2014, which may apply to the other skulls, but we’re not certain yet.

UPDATE: The Microsoft Store isn’t offering a skull, but you will get a code for a $10 Xbox gift card, applicable to any purchase on the marketplace.

More pre-order bonuses may come as more retailers start to list the game for sale, but these are the ones we know are available.

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