Halo takes on Cake Wars

CakeWars-Round-2It might not satisfy a big, Grunty thirst, but this episode of Cake Wars will be more than enough to satisfy any Spartan’s hunger. In last week’s episode, four bakers put their talents to creating iconic characters and themes from the Halo franchise with the winner getting $10,000. Cake Wars judges were joined by Major Nelson to judge the creativity of the contestant’s cake as they reflect the themes from the game. After two rounds of judging, Peter Tidwell was victorious in capturing the taste of Halo taking the prize of $10K and presenting his winning cake to players and attendees at the Halo World Championship.

I had the opportunity to have some of the cake that won when I was attending the championship and I can attest to the cake’s design and taste being on point.  You may not have seen me in the show, but if you listen closely enough, you’ll hear me.

Source: Food Network

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