Halo: Broken Circle Revealed

Halo: Broken Circle

Halo Waypoint released details about the next upcoming novel, Halo: Broken Circle.  It tells the story of the Covenant’s beginning and the events leading up to the Great Schism.  The novel is scheduled to release on November 4, this year; a week before the Master Chief Collection releases.

Witness an untold chapter in Halo lore as John Shirley’s Halo: Broken Circle takes us to the dawn of the Covenant and the fateful first bargain between the Prophets and the Elites. Broken Circle will explore an Elite splinter group rebelling against the Covenant in its earliest days, a brave Prophet caught in the machinations of the new Covenant leadership, and the root of the betrayal that would ultimately shatter the Covenant during events seen in the blockbuster Xbox game Halo 2.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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