Dissecting the “Making of Halo 4” Video Documentary: Scoring System

Over the next few days and on our next podcast the hosts here at Podtacular are going to be breaking down the newly released video documentary / trailer that was released for Halo 4 this week. Look forward to our newest episode featuring other prominent community learders from around the Halo Universe. We recorded the episode last night and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it once we release it to everyone.

The first thing I am going to break down from the video are two tiny points in the game where the score changes for one team. Both of these clips show that the game type is BR Slayer and they pretty much show the same thing happening, a player kills another with the BR from the result of a headshot. I am going to link both of these two clips now.

Clip One
Clip Two

As you’ll see that in both of the clips once the kill is achieved the player’s team gains ten points. In the first clip you’ll notice where two medals pop up both of which indicate a “5” under the medal. It would lead me to believe that the ten points the player racked up for his team were the result of these medals. In the second clip the same situation occurs but it doesn’t last long enough to see whether or not any medals are the result of the ten points. You’ll also notice that in each clip each team’s scores are not divisible by ten. So to think each team gets ten points for a kill cannot 100% certain nor can it be ruled out because we do not know what else a player could get points for.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of getting points based upon medals. 343 might change my mind once I start to play but for now I am hoping that these results are either wrong or that it is just an option that is selected for scoring type.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

(I know they aren’t really video clips but are animated .gifs I just assumed it would be easier for everyone to see.)

edit: Thank you to BrentGamer for reminding me my eye sight sucks and I cannot do math.

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