Halo 4 is Among Us

For those over in Australia and Europe, we hope you’re having fun from those of us in the states. For those riding along side with the rest of us, Halo 4 is nearly here! If you live in or around the Prince George area in Maryland, I will be at my local GameStop at the Beltway Plaza (Store #685). If you have a chance to drop by, we will be talking to people and giving a few things away starting at 9:30PM. For the multitude of the rest, don’t worry, we will be giving away stuff throughout the day tomorrow. I will also be streaming my run-through of Heroic Campaign tonight if you manage to sneak a break from playing yourselves.

Also, if you are old enough, remember to take the time to vote. #EVILAWAKENS

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4 Responses to Halo 4 is Among Us

  1. N0BLE 06 says:

    Hi people. Currently playing through the 3rd level on legendary. Picked up Halo 4 & console about 11 hours ago.

  2. N0BLE 06 says:

    Oh and yes….I am in Australia :-)

  3. Bioman998 says:

    I was about to say N0ble…. that I was very, very jealous of you…

  4. otherZinc says:

    Yes it is!

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