Halo 3 Limited Edition scratch issues

For those that have pre-ordered or intend to pick up their Limited Edition of Halo 3 today, a word of advice: open the case and inspect the game disc in the store before you leave. I had heard about problems with the Limited Edition having discs come loose during shipment and rolling around in the case, which can end up scratching the game disc pretty badly.

When I picked up my LE at a local GameStop, I opened mine right away and turned right around. I walked back to the counter, told them what I saw and they knew immediately what I was talking about, and apparently Microsoft knows about the problem. The clerk I dealt with just cut open a regular Halo 3 edition and swapped the game disc with me, so that’s probably your best option if you can swing it.

Again, be sure to check your game before you leave the store, because otherwise, if the game is unplayable, you’ll have to return to the store or possibly even have to send the game back to Microsoft, which might take days.

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16 Responses to Halo 3 Limited Edition scratch issues

  1. QualityJeverage says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the game being unplayable. According to reports, there aren’t any real scratches, the damage is just scuff marks from the little nubs that hold the game in place. Gamespot’s article reported that all of their Halo 3 copies, despite these scuff marks, were perfectly playable.

  2. Samus 117 says:

    Hmm, so what do you do if you pre-ordered it from Amazon?

  3. CapnKrunk says:

    I’m guessing that’s where Microsoft’s exchange program comes in, or you can probably send it back to amazon. When I talked to the people at GameStop, they mentioned “that e-mail” which I presume came from Microsoft about the problem, and I’m sure all retailers are being told that they’ll be seeing returns of Limited Editions.

  4. chuckiej says:

    Hopefully not Legendary…

  5. CapnKrunk says:

    No, this shouldn’t be an issue with Legendary editions because (if I remember correctly) the game discs come in standard DVD/game cases.

  6. Killazilla says:


  7. Stooch says:

    My game disc was loose and scratched a little. It seems to work fine though. THANK GOD

  8. SGT Corona says:

    hmmm ill check when i get my copy in a couple of hours

  9. BIGJDOG15 says:

    this happened to me but i got like $20 dollars off a legendary

  10. superemo says:

    The people at the store where I pre-ordered the game, told me that they where cheking disks at the time of pick up, cause they where informed about this issue. The copy they gave me was ok.

    I Recommend to put your game disks in a wallet type case in order to prevent damage… My GOW disk got a fissure and became unplayable… it was a pain in the ass and lot of time to make the Microsot warranty work.

  11. Hoogs says:

    Although I don’t really care for the box art of the Legendary edition. I’d rather them just put in the original game box with another case thrown it.

  12. MeechiganBoy says:

    i just got mine but my mom is bein a B.I.T.C.H about it and wont let play un till the weekend
    i did open it and saw the discs out of there things and im like wtf
    so ill try to get on tonight and pwn all of u guys!

  13. Anorexic Leader says:

    Same thing happened to m friends copy….I just wanted the game, so I’m glad in a weird way that I only bought the Regular edition.

  14. Pengwin Smacker says:

    Thanks for scaring the crap out of me guys!! Just kidding, just kidding…. My Limited Edition copy was fine, except for like one little scratch on it, but it was okay. My copy is completely playable, and I love the stuff that came with the Limited Edition. Kudos for Bungie! Hope to see you guys soon on Halo 3!

  15. Mechwarrior117 says:

    Lol. Well you guys got it easy when it comes to scratches. I was at a friends house when I got the game at midnight and about an hour after playing the game, my friends dumbass cat knocked a speaker off of a top shelf and it hit my 360 hard. I thought my console was bricked (thank God it wasn’t). I did hear a grinding noise in the drive right when the speaker hit though. As soon as I turned my console back on and ejected the disk it had a scratch ring around it (just like the ones when you have your console standing verticle). What was weird though was that at first the game didn’t work at all, but after 5 or 6 times of ejecting it and putting it pack it finally loaded and then after that it would play fine until the next time I turned it off. Then I would have to do it again. Was able to take the disk to a repair shop though and they restored it back to its original condition. But yea. That sucked ass when it happened (I was quite literally almost crying).

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