Halo 2 Anniversary

Halo 2 Anniversary

As part of the Master Chief Collection, Halo 2 is getting the Anniversary treatment.  The long awaited and highly rumored game was announced during Microsoft’s Xbox Press Briefing.  Halo 2 was the best selling game for the original Xbox with over 8 million copies sold and over 5.4 billion matchmaking games played online resulting in almost 57K years played.  It also has the longest Halo campaign to date with 14 missions which has been played for almost 27K years.

Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer


Halo 2 Anniversary will feature an updated multiplayer including the original 25 maps with six getting completely re-designed, including Ascension that was shown played live during the press conference.  The multiplayer experience will still be running on the Halo 2 engine leaving classic button combos like BXR intact, while other glitches will not necessarily be in the game.  The multiplayer will run on dedicated servers with matchmaking integrated into the Master Chief Collection Universal hopper.  Custom games will also be available with the inclusion of a new Forge game mode for the six re-designed maps and theater system.  The original Halo 2 ranking system will not be included, but there will be some form of leveling system included in the final game.

Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign


The remastered campaign will feature a new graphics engine that can swap between classic and remastered graphics.  Similarly to Halo: CE Anniversary, the campaign will include new terminals that will tie into Halo 5: Guardians.  New prologue and epilogue cutscenes will be introduced to the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign.  When in re-mastered mode, players will experience new CGI cutscenes that will replace the old in-game cutscenes with stunning new visuals and detail.  While not confirmed, it’s likely we will see Halo 2 online co-op.

Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals

Remastered Graphics

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Cairo Station Gameplay Demo

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8 Responses to Halo 2 Anniversary

  1. CrimsonViper says:

    Well MLG is going to be more entertaining.
    I wonder how many people are going to come back to Podtacular.


  2. Gamedude03 says:

    Clan system?

  3. TYPOGRAPH1C says:

    Idk Crimson, but I’m here right…

    Also Gamedude, I wouldn’t expect a clan system. They’ll be using the last version of Halo 2 as it was on XBL before the servers shut off, which did not feature clans anymore.

    Btw, this is Anorexic Leader, aka Anni… but people call me TYPO nowadays. I’ve been spending my time away from Halo as a valuable member in the Gears of War community for the last 2-3 years.

    As of yesterday however, WE BACK.

    – TYPØ

  4. CrimsonViper says:

    @AnorexicLeader. Awesome. Yeah, I’ve been out for the last couple years on uni and stuff.

    I think the hype train is about to start, and I’d also love for the podcast to make a return to the style that we had on Halo 2. Judging from the forums, it looks like they went through a reset fairly recently. Also, I still have JVB and foomo on my Skype friends list lol

    Laaame about the clans thing though. I’m also hearing lots of iffy speculation about superbouncing, and whether that works. I loooooved all the custom games superbouncing and glitching out of maps and exploring out of area. Hopefully it’ll work out, and man, it’s gonna be weird as hell if I see a tutorial for how to RRXYY, like it’s intentional feature. I hope they keep it secret because all interested players will find it anyway, and I don’t wanna be doubleshotted by some 12 year old on my first day back on Halo 2. That’d be too close to the original Halo 2 experience for my liking haha


  5. Dust Storm says:

    The only problem with returning to how the podcast was during the Halo 2 days is that it relied on Community submissions, which have almost been non-existent lately. I ask every once in a while and I would honestly love to see a Customs & Creations / Tales from the Foxhole segment return, but people just haven’t contributed to that in a long time.

  6. CrimsonViper says:

    @Dust Storm – I haven’t listened in a while, but I mostly mean shifting tone from news updates to gameplay and preferably getting sidetracked on stuff that seems entertaining. Foo and JVB mostly balanced each other out, since JVB always wanted to make it entertaining and sidetrack, and foo would always go back on topic. Right now since there’s not much game/gameplay to speak of, I dunno.
    I would just talk about what games I’m playing at the moment, why it is not Halo (upsides/downsides of either game), talking about fun stuff I did in the game with guests and what I’m looking forward to. Personally, I started listening on eps that they got caught on tangents talking about usernames, typos that they made, other games, basketball or whatever and had a laugh over it

    I think the community support will only come around the time when the game comes out (lol Podtacular becomes the official Halo 2 podcast again haha). Sucks that we can’t play Halo 2 to get hyped about it until then – like if Microsoft opened servers on the original version to build up momentum and shut it down for the Xbox One release.

  7. Stooch says:



  8. Sibone says:

    Is it sad that I am most excited about playing a decent game of cat and mouse on Coag?

    Also, nice to see some familiar names popping up.

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