Get Knowledgeable Troopers!

If you don’t know the Halo story too well, we’ve got two videos for you to help! Let’s get knowledgeable!

First, watch a video that Bungie made for the Halo 3 launch that describes the story up to that point. (Part 1, Part 2) Next up, a funny look at the history of the Halo universe leading up to the ODST story and including Halo 3.

Still don’t feel like you are prepared to drop? Check some non-spoilery campaign gameplay:

Now all you need is The Smell of Hero. See you in New Mombassa.

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One Response to Get Knowledgeable Troopers!

  1. Old Regime says:

    very helpful Chuckie. For anyone who hasn’t read the books or played the game, this will bring them up to speed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go help some ODST’s on old-I mean New Mombossa.

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