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Well, a sad day in the Podtacular history has come where the future of the community lies in the balance. Our beloved CapnKrunk has been gracious to manage the website hosting for almost three years. Now he’s facing not having a job and having to pay for the website himself, which is not an easy burden at $250 a year. There have been little donations and the advertisements on the site have not produced any income. So now it’s time to decide the fate of Podtacular.

Many of the 500s is due to the fact that Krunk had to lower the hosting drastically so he wouldn’t be paying as much. Also, every time the podtacular site 500, the rest of Krunk’s sties did, which are his online portfolios that are needed for him to get a job. That’s why he has given us till the end of the month to make a decision. He also did not appreciate the whine thread about the site being down. Yes it was down, no it wasn’t our fault, but the fact is that it’s still here and there are other things outside Podtacular. Things break sometimes and they just have to be fixed.

We have been talking with friend of the show, Fyb3r from This Spartan Life about looking into the hosting they have. It looks very promising that we will be able to keep the majority of the site intact, but we will probably be downsizing the site to a Word Press type homepage with the forums. A lot of this is still up in the air, but we are definitely moving soon.

We appreciate all the donations we do get, but if you are looking to donate in the near future, please do so in the courtesy of paying back Krunk for all that he has done for the site. Krunk will still be around to help fix the site, but other than that, he is moving onto other things, and it has been a real blessing to have him be a part of Podtacular history. We will miss you and all your crazy voicemails ;)

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  1. SoSaiyan says:

    Oh its AERO Strik3, by the way. :D

  2. SoSaiyan says:

    I’m gone for a couple months and I come back to find this?!?

    No! This must not happen! Podtacular will survive! Let’s have a car wash where everyone is in bikinis and wearing Master Chief helmets to raise some money! Cause nothing turns me on more then a dude in a bikini with a MC helmet washing my car.

  3. Hype says:

    Although not the best way to look at things, if the funding gets out of hand then this may very well be the case. However you can expect the community to get through this.

  4. Leonidas117 says:

    Krunk, we understand your dilemma, and the community as a whole wishes you the very best of luck in future ventures, whatever they may be. We’re sad to see you go, you’ve been an integral part of the Podtacular community since the beginning of it all. The community won’t forget your effort and sacrifices.

    Farewell, CapnKrunk. We’ll miss you.

    If the site DOES die, we at GamerChiefs.com will take in anyone willing to keep this totally awesome community going. Just until the guys here can make a comeback. By no means can we replace you guys, but I, for one, want to keep the flame burning.

    Long Live Podtacular!


  5. tacticalleader says:

    If we don’t raise money, will the podcast via the site crash?

  6. Lancelot59 says:

    Actually Fyb3r does the site work for TSL, but actually works for TheWaffleIron.

  7. lilkuke says:

    Hmm. Wow. Well, every community goes through a rough spot. EVERY community. I think that we should go with TSL’s hosting for now, and see what happens overtime. Whether it be donations or a new hosting for us, we’ll just have to see.

  8. aadude says:

    Sad to see Crunk go but I have faith the community will pull through this hard time.

  9. Domaku says:

    Oh I was gonna say thats weird…
    The only worry I have is that if people keep leaving in the staff then it could end up in a whole new podcast

  10. chickenfoot089 says:

    Podtacular WILL survive, just maybe it won’t be as popular, and I’m sure Bungie will try to do something if needed. We are the unnoficial halo universe

  11. Wipacer says:


  12. Samus 117 says:

    Wow, thank you for all you’ve done Krunk, I understand what you’re going through. But this is a strong community, and I think we can pull through. There are a lot of good people here, too many to be put on a xbox friend list, and that is why we need to stay together. Because we need to keep a good thing going!

  13. Leonidas117 says:

    It hasn’t died yet, elite. Podtacular is still strong. Don’t give up hope.

  14. EliteSpartan says:

    Krunk your the best I knew you did a lot but never knew you did so much if any of you guysneed someone to help I am your guy so just message me. Long live Podtac and its great community. Leo I joined the community of GamerChiefs.com .


  15. Nemisie says:

    IDK what i would do with out podtacular and the craziness that it is i wish i could help but money is tight on our end as it is in alot of places . I wish that we as a community could do some sort of fundraiser to help with the bill.

  16. chuckiej says:

    It’s a very small amount. Like the amazon ads only make money if you click and buy something. Its an affiliate system where Podtac would get like 6% of each sale.

  17. Domaku says:

    wow have you guys tried getting any new ones
    Do you guys have to pay FEES on zune marketplace and such for posting an episode???

  18. Dust Storm says:

    That is already taken care of. Thanks for the offer though.

  19. aadude says:

    I’m pretty sure the ads generate money, just not a very substantial amount.

  20. Dust Storm says:

    I don’t know what the value is, but from what I understood from krunk, nothing comes in.

  21. Domaku says:

    Wait, so the ads don’t get any money income…

    I think the site can rally up.
    Lets hope for the best.

  22. JAC Overlord says:

    Holy crap. Wow, this sucks.

    Farewell, Krunk, we’ll miss you!

    And, I think Podtacular will survive. The forums thing isn’t to bad, as there is still the Private Groups on Bungie, but I’m not sure about the hosting. I’m not to familiar with interwebz stuff, except it’s fun to surf the web, so can someone elaborate on what exactly would be lost without the hosting?

  23. JAC Overlord says:

    lol, double post failure. Sorry.

  24. Lancelot59 says:

    Don’t you people just love my connections?

  25. Samus 117 says:

    Yes we do!

  26. Unr3alChi3f says:

    Hey! I might be able to host migrate the forums to another site if needed.

  27. stallmeplease says:

    We should set up a donations page or something. I would love to help support the community. But if not, I know that this community will survive .

  28. aadude says:

    @stallmeplease, We have a donations link on the right side of the main page under the big green button. I think that is what you are talking about. Unless you had something else in mine.

    Also, I’m happy I was able to donate some money the other day. God has blessed me with an awesome job and I really felt like I needed to give back a little. I hope I can continue to donate in the future.

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