Counter Logic Gaming Wins HCS Summer Pro League

HCS CLG Winning Pose

Over the past few days, the final Halo Championship Series Summer Matches took place, pitting some of the biggest eSports teams against each other in carefully crafted matches to determine who would come out on top. The competition worked on a bracket system and was limited to North American teams. The matches began on July 30th and in the end, plenty of great teams went home to prepare to compete in the Fall Season. You can catch up on all of the great HCS matches on Halo’s official Twitch channel.

All of this culminated in an exhilarating match between relative newcomers Enigma6 (encompassing Huke, bubu dubu, Cratos, and Shooter) and the legendary Counter Logic Gaming (Lethul, Snakebite, Frosty, and Royal2). The two teams faced off with Capture the Flag on Fathom, and CLG pulled up with a single flag capture, leaving the score 1-0 as CLG took home first place. But, if you’re an Enigma6 fan, or a fan of most of the other eSports teams that participated here, you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of teams, despite not winning here, will be going forward to the Fall Season. The question is still up in the air if anyone can stop CLG’s winning streak? You can check out all of the teams advancing on, along with plenty of other eSports information to catch you up.



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