Battle Canyon Flythrough

Another new Halo: Reach multuplayer map was unvield this week at GamesCon and this one has been redone a few times. You might remember it as battle creek or one of the maps Podtacular played Bungie in long ago in that Humpday challenge when it was known as Beaver Creek, but in Reach the old time favorite will bear the name Battle Canyon (has a nice ring to it I think.) IGN has the scoop, again, giving us another exciting ‘flythrough‘ of the new map.

What suprises me is that there are actually a lot of things that changed in this remake. The team added a lift to the top of both bases and changed where the teleporters are placed. Thanks to forge those of you who frown upon these changes can put the map back to it’s original battle creek goodness, and the 343 guys will have an ‘anniversary’ edition of the map that we’ll see in match making that’s more like the one we know and love. Hopefully we’ll be getting more of these flythroughs at Halo Fest, and oh yeah Dusty will be there too.

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