MLG Dallas Venue Changes

Usually when you watch the live stream or you go to an MLG event, you are used to seeing a venue filled with booths scattered along the walls with play stations lined up in the middle of the room. Main stage had this arena feel to it where the commentators were on high rises behind the bleachers of fans and spectators. Well, this ain’t your daddy’s MLG venue anymore. This year’s venue is held at the Dallas Convention Center instead of the Hilton Anatole like it has been for the past two years, and it’s a nice change with convenient parking, a beautiful courtyard that’s just outside the exhibition hall, and a lot more space.

Everything in the venue no longer feels cluttered and you can actually walk around to the different events without having to squeeze through numerous groups of people.  All of the booths are located in the front of the venue where you enter and the three main events take up the middle and back sections.  All three games have their own section of the venue: Call of Duty (PS3) and StarCraft (PC) on either side and Halo (Xbox 360) down the middle.  Each of the the events has their own play areas and main stages.  As you’ll see in the accompanying video, there is no longer one big main stage and there are no longer bleachers for crowds to sit on.  There are now rows of chairs on the venue floor where spectators can sit with the first three rows reserved for media, VIP, players, family, etc.  Many people I have talked to like the change of having more space in the venue and that the layout is a lot better, but not having the high rises and bleachers just doesn’t make it feel like MLG.  The commentators are located behind the curtains where no one can see them, which may make it look better on the stream, but the atmosphere on stage is definitely different.

Many of the familiar booths are at the event, including Astros, Sony, Dr. Pepper, etc. but with new sponsors comes new booths.  Three new booths at this event include Sony Ericson, Warheads, and Alienware: supplier of the computers used for StarCraft.  The venue is nicely prepared and done this year and it looks like MLG is stepping up their game for their events.

Finally, here’s a challenge: the StarCraft fans on Friday completely outnumbered those of Halo and CoD combined.  When an event is near you, I encourage to go out and have a watch and support your game.

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3 Responses to MLG Dallas Venue Changes

  1. Yea, So I like the comfy chairs..but sadly miss the arena style. Dusty is right, Starcraft has a HUGE following, and the fans last weekend proved it. I like some of the new sponsors, like Warheads and Nos, but there is a little problem…

    (Consider this a free SWAG analysis of MLG 2011, lol)

    MLG no longer has Doritos or Hotpockets as large sponsors, and that means there is no actual food anymore. :( My name may be Anorexic Leader, but I’m honestly a wannabe fat kid, lol. I like to eat, and I can remember when Ballpark hotdogs was a sponsor, and you could go grab some hotdogs right outside the venue for free. Or you could pick up some Hotpocket Sideshots or bags of Doritos if you didn’t have the money to just leave the venue and go find a place to eat in a city you may be unfamiliar with. Warheads are awesome candy, and Stride has been a great backer of MLG for awhile. But even Stride stopped giving out those free t-shirts… they filled it with minigames, pretty much a fail.

    And Nos is a new sponsor, even claiming itself the “official energy drink of MLG” but the cold hard truth is that Nos is no where to be sampled unless you are a pro player. It’s not on the main floor like Dr. Pepper is (and their lovely booth babes) and it’s not even in the media areas, where Warheads, Dr. Pepper, and Stride had them covered. It is honestly only supplied to the players. Which I guess I can understand, but at the same time I don’t as if you are the sponsor you should have more presence to the the fans.

    The Playstation play zones and Xperia Play areas where cool, offering up info on the new phone (which was told to be out in Spring, and it’s Spring so I’m guessing soon for those on Verizon), and letting us playtest some games. The Playstation section had Socom 4 to play with Move, on a 3D tv, and in a 5v5 LAN setup. All really fun, but the only thing being given out is a Beta code to the game. And Alienware actually had a booth where you could free-play SC2, meh.

    And now that the Doritos deal is done, you have to understand this means there won’t be any Doritos Combines, meaning less events this year and no new way to rise from the bottom. Look at the 2 seed team THO Impact, they are literally made up of Combine stars and Neighbor…without those Combines, they most likely wouldn’t be where they are today.

    Soooo they picked up some new backers, but lost some really important ones too that honestly change the experience at the venue a lot from last season.


  2. uhh oh oreo says:

    I see what you are saying anni, but they still have some good sponsors. MLG makes money when there is an event. Even combine… And if I know sundance like I do (I don’t, lol) they will be working out some deals with their other sponsors to be coming back bigger and better this year. the amount of money coming from stride, sony, astro, Dr Pepper, and especially NOS has to be able to come up with another combine. I wish I had the resources and time to go to a combine… Wow I rhymed. again, not on purpose that time. haha…

    Anyways. hot pockets are still a sponsor, but that is besides the point. I believe we will see some other events this season, so dont be disappointed just yet anni!

  3. Dan Becker says:

    Where do teams/players organize, practice and train? Are there local events, competitions and venues?

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