Halo Reach Makes Way for the “Underdogs”

Whenever you switch up games in an event, it seems to always open doors for new teams to come in and take up the spotlight.  This year’s underdog seems to be Impact, made up of Neighbor, a crowd favorite and some other new team members to the scene.  We saw transitions like this take effect when Halo 3 took the place of Halo 2 on the MLG Circuit and no doubt the same thing is happening here.  Top teams like Final Boss and Status Quo are going up against teams of equal or greater caliber that are new to the scene.

In a way, this makes sense, since these new teams have had a little more time to focus on a new game over the pros which had to focus on Halo 3 through the remainder of last year’s circuit.  The fact that the game mechanics are different also contributes to newer players making a name for themselves as they work better with the new system.  With 343 Industries at the helm of the Halo Franchise, we are likely to see numerous Halo titles come out within the next few years.  With that in mind, MLG has to consider rotating these games in and out of the MLG circuit, which begs the question: will there ever be a point where MLG will stick with one game for a few years despite new releases, or will MLG try to stick with the times and have the latest game in the circuit?

Despite that pro teams are being defeated by underdogs, it is always nice to see new faces at events like these make a name for themselves.  While I still don’t consider gaming a sport, it does very much reflect the rotation of underdog teams coming out surprising a good majority of spectators.

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