Weekly Porridge #36: Lamb of Pod

Quality Jeverage and Painkilla are back again to talk about the All-Stars and their recent display of power and might. It also strays into conversations about nothing and sophisticated magazines. How do they go from the All-Stars to such different subjects? You’ll just have to read it and find out. More talk in the forums.

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5 Responses to Weekly Porridge #36: Lamb of Pod

  1. jammy12 says:

    mmm.. nice porridge!

  2. terminatormonky says:

    nice and 2nd post (like i really care though)

  3. marooner says:

    nice one jev its a great one.

  4. Rollback says:

    Wow. Very creative and….out there. Anyway, I like it and look forward to future posts. Keep on FRAGGIN’ TRUCKS!!

  5. wyoming SBG says:

    HEHE, very funny!  We had a blast playing you all, and look forward to participating in your tourney this fall.

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