Weekly Porridge #19: Vacation

It seems like the entire planet has gone on vacation in the past few weeks. Quality Jeverage is still here though, and the crew talks about it in this week’s Weekly Porridge! This one cracked me up. More discussion in the forums.

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13 Responses to Weekly Porridge #19: Vacation

  1. PurpleDemon666 says:

    yay first one. Very funny though. Good Job!

  2. Jordan Jr says:

    That’s hilarious! Another great issue!

  3. face head says:

    thats great

  4. articlegfx says:

    hahaha JVB owns kthx. great job

  5. DarthBALLZ45 says:


  6. Crypto says:

    I LOL’d…I LOL’d HARD

  7. Rusty 2005i says:

    Best one yet

  8. immortalthree says:

    omg i laughed so hard lolz. i agree with rusty

  9. ao911 says:

    yea ive been on vacation

  10. Dialpex says:

    HAHAHAHAHhaha Amazing Jev… This was one of the funniest ever… cannonball..lol nice job… I’ll be back home tomorrow guys… Can’t wait to see everyone back..!!!
    Take care fellas..!!

  11. Stealth Zealot says:

    NIIICE!! :D Great atom bomb pic too!

  12. scarab_gunner says:

    i luv the weekly porridge. its always funny.

  13. Painkilla05 says:

    Be back tommarow!

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