Weekly Porridge #16: Truly Elite

Quality Jeverage is done with exams which means Weekly Porridge, the official Podtacular comic, is back! This time Painkilla needs some help so he summons it, Final Fantasy style. Who or what does he summon? Check it out and discuss it more in the forums.

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17 Responses to Weekly Porridge #16: Truly Elite

  1. SDtektiv says:

    it’s the Harold! I remember listening about it in the Podcast!

  2. QualityJeverage says:


  3. CrashWave says:

    w00t w00t good job Jev

     stupid modding Harold…

  4. ExpandedFlame says:

    someone put me in an episode!

    good job btw!

  5. Stooch says:


  6. DarthBALLZ45 says:


  7. jammy12 says:

    YAY! u gotta have your weekly porridge you know!

  8. HiDeYoUrGoAtS says:

    hahaha yesss harold made it into the porridge

  9. Solidus Strife says:

    Harold? More like haXold if you catch my drift.

  10. Androideka says:

    Awesome! But I can’t believe that Fu Mo hasn’t mentioned my commisioned (oh, I love that word) animation! Anyway, pimptastic toon.

  11. Redchannel says:

    wtf ?!???!

  12. Dialpex says:

    Hahahah that’s was awesome.!!!

  13. Stealth Zealot says:

    OMG HACKORZ!! lolz

  14. Eeevan says:

    where oh where is jvb?

  15. spudmonkey says:

    how duz one become an invincable elite in matchmaking????
    awsum ep jev keep it up man

  16. Crypto says:


  17. UltimateDahaka says:

    This is boring, Why do you guys spend time here anyway?

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