Pod TV Episode 8: Scarab Gun and Soccer Ball


This time Cryptoflix teams up with Kiaffex to deliver this double easter egg attack. Kiaffex handles all the game play while Cryptoflix soothes our ears with his english accent. Watching this makes you wonder how the heck people found these things in the first place.

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7 Responses to Pod TV Episode 8: Scarab Gun and Soccer Ball

  1. Spartan Sandwich says:

    That was great, I will try that one of these days.

    Thanks guys!

  2. face head says:

    finally i know how to do this!

  3. Kiaffex says:

    Sorry bout the quality guys.

    BTW, This was done with the Sputnik skull on.

  4. ironicpear says:

    wow…that’s an awesome video…i didn’t know you could jack into the banshee before it was like halfway in!…thanks kiaffex and cryptoflix, great job!

  5. Duffman X18 says:


  6. Legendary Hooligan says:

    thats frickin awesome. If they put something like this in Halo 3, coupled with the hopeful online co-op, there could be some crazy soccer games. bonus points for splattering Covenant with the ball. Maybe they’ll have basketball too. Maybe football… why not every sport you can think of? come on bungie….

  7. JVB says:

    You guys are doing such a great job with this. Keep it up.

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