Pod TV: Tsavo Highway


Cryptoflix is back with a legendary walkthrough of Tsavo Highway along with a tutorial on how to get the skull on this level. There’s also a hi-res version of this available on gametrailers.com

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10 Responses to Pod TV: Tsavo Highway

  1. Byonchi says:


  2. CrimsonViper says:

    It’s Tsavo Highway! Not Crows Nest!

  3. Anorexic Leader says:

    Nice run through….Tsavo is still my favorite level!

  4. Cryptoflix says:

    Same! Pretty fun and easy! :D

  5. Duffman X18 says:

    Hows the Sierra 117 vid coming along Crypto?

  6. Cryptoflix says:

    i posted in the forum ages ago about that! Asking if you could edit it lol! Cozz my comp messed up! U can host it and edit it if u want! Up to you, or u can send me the video again and when i get around to it i will do it! But have a lot of other videos to do atm!

  7. Lalizig says:

    What happened to the Pod TV in the podcast feed? It was nice to have them on my iPod…

    Still a great job though!

  8. foomojive says:

    Here is the rss feed for pod tv. Feel free to subscribe to it with itunes. Just go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast in the menus and enter that feed address.

  9. Duffman X18 says:

    Sent it to you on live. You just use Skype to record, right?

  10. Uchiha Of Thunder says:

    I LOVE the little Mario thing in the begining! But if I had that little beepy song it would annoy the heck out out of me and my parants.

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