Pod TV: Assassins Skull


Cryptoflix and Crimson Viper bring us the latest Pod TV. This time they show us how to grab the assassin’s skull which makes all enemies invisible.

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8 Responses to Pod TV: Assassins Skull

  1. marooner says:

    rofl that was funny. You should have gotten the newer sheilas wheels advert song instead of the older one with the man with the high pitched voice.

  2. Redotonur4head says:

    Go Crimmy!

  3. RandomSunchips says:

    I used to think Pod TV was boring. Shame on me.

    Hehe that was some nice doubleshotting Crimmy. Err Crypto.

  4. Cryptoflix says:

    Lol! Yeah was fun, will get even better now im having guest hosts.

  5. styles clash says:

    wow that was awesome good job crypto ;)

  6. kyl117 says:

    wow good work on this guys and now i know always to press X

  7. Mag92 says:

    Wow I walked right over that one. I just thought the Leets were an easter egg… well a regular easter egg. lol

  8. Dust Storm says:

    The download link is broken, this is the correct link.

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