Pod TV News: Show 9

Previously, we covered the War Games gameplay footage. Now it’s time for the Spartan Ops gameplay footage to get its scrutiny. We get a preview of some of the first missions we will be playing during the episodic cooperative multiplayer experience. We get to see how the Hardlight shield works and discover there’s a difference between Thurster Pack and Jet Pack.

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3 Responses to Pod TV News: Show 9

  1. Dodger 125 says:

    I think the elite was just being hit by the spartan and was jumping back. Otherwise, great video, keep them up

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Yea, I just wouldn’t expect any kind of shield poping or regeneration make a flare that prominent.

  3. Tetrahedrite says:

    Hey Dust Storm,
    Really enjoying these News Videos you’ve started. I think these video analysis ones are perfect and exactly what the “News Series” should be. I posted some feedback on the different formats you had in mind for this series and I think the different styles should be used based on what you are showcasing.

    From what I understand you have 4 formats: The Machinima New Program style, a commentary over Reach gameplay, you in front of a camera, and these new video analysis ones. Earlier I said that i wasn’t a huge fan of the Machinima one but I think it actually goes well when you have images to show us (like you did for the Halo 4 Pre-orders). And then the new video analysis ones are great. And then the Reach commentary one is good for just general new that will either be touched on in podcasts or are only little updates.

    I think the video you made just before E3 where you’re in front of a camera is alright. Similar to the Machinima one in the since that I think you should use it when you’re talking about images and we need to see them to understand.

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