Podtacular Wins Gaming Podcast of the Year!

We did it! We won the listeners’ choice #1 gaming podcast of the year award on podcastawards.com! And when I say we, I mean all of us. This was a community effort and the glory goes to you guys, the ones that supported your favorite podcast and gaming community with your votes. Thanks guys and congratulations. All our hard work paid off!

We find out if we won best produced podcast during the podcast expo in California on September 29th. That’s just icing on the cake though.

Party in Halo 2! BYOBR! Look’s like they’re already partying in the forums.

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25 Responses to Podtacular Wins Gaming Podcast of the Year!

  1. articlegfx says:


  2. CasualTerror says:

    Way to go Podtacular!!!!!!11!!1

  3. Dialpex says:

    Well done Guys…!!! Nice Job with the voting and overcoming another great milestone for podtacular. Congratulations Podtacular.

  4. QualityJeverage says:

    Congratulations to Us! And good job to everyone who voted!

    This just reinforces what we already know, Podtacular is the best damn podcast there is!

  5. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Yes Podtacular!! GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!!!

  6. Painkilla05 says:

    Yay Podtacular! Thanks to the other Podcasts out there that supported us!

  7. ExpandedFlame says:


  8. JVB says:

    This proves that our community is the strongest out there. Lots of love to the other podcast that showed its support. They had my votes too. This is just tooooo awesome.

  9. Stooch says:

    Yeah big thanks to Gamertag Radio for their support. You guys are awesome!
    Great job on the voting guys, we all deseve this.

    Congratulations Podtacular!

  10. Mintz says:

    GG Podtacular. You guys deserve this!

  11. Gemini Ace says:

    Why wait to announce best produced at the show?

    Anyway, way to go guys! First the podcast awards, next THE WORLD!

  12. WallBR says:

    Podtacular FTW!


  13. SoggyLongbottom says:

    “We find out if we won best produced podcast during the podcast expo in California on September 29th. That’s just icing on the cake though.”

    hahaha that’s the same date as mmy court date for the speeding ticket I just got :p

  14. TerminatorLlama says:

    awesome! w00t! we are the best!

    this should get us some more user too

  15. Cruzad3rts says:

    go podtacular!!

  16. REDRUMxINxTX says:

    podcastast expo here we come

  17. KrashCourse says:

    Spelchek would be proud

  18. REDRUMxINxTX says:

    WAY TO PODTACULAR WOO-HOO!!! I’ve been down since the 4th Podcast!!!! We are the best

  19. OmniMoose says:

    i have seen a lot more new faces since we won. anyone else notice

  20. Mid7night says:

    Woohoo! Way to go everyone, that’s awesome!

  21. Total Sacrifice says:

    Congratulations guys.

  22. SDtektiv says:

    That’s sweet! I voted for Podtacular and it helped!

  23. n00bfor3ver says:

    Wooooooo!!!!!!! hooray podtacular!

  24. Stealth Zealot says:

    Congratz to all at podtacular! Isn’t this the second time in a row that we won?

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