Episode 78: Podtacular Update with Special guest XerxDeej from TiedtheLeader.com


It’s the Podtacular Update show, where we cover news and events in the Halo and Podtacular community, some campaign (champagne) and glitching tips, we do Podtacular night at the Apollo or Halo-related jokes people sent in, and we have a sweet interview at the beginning with XerxDeej from TiedtheLeader.com. With your hosts Foo Mo Jive, JVB, and XerxDeej. Yeah, he sticks around to guest host too! Pod art this week comes to us from StigmaticX. Frickin’ sweet! Thanks to Ciclonic for editing this week’s show and to Dweezle for hooking us up with XerxDeej. And thanks to CapnKrunk for the hosting help. This show’s back to normal time, about an hour. Enjoy it!

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15 Responses to Episode 78: Podtacular Update with Special guest XerxDeej from TiedtheLeader.com

  1. Stooch says:

    Ooooo can’t wait to hear it!

  2. Chevelle65 says:

    downloading now, Im sure it a good ep, you guys have been on a role!

  3. articlegfx says:

    oh cool 2nd post :P



    downloading now! 

  4. A Oompa Loompah says:

    awesome downloading!!

  5. Stigmatic X says:

    Downloading now… nice podart!!!

  6. JVB says:

    This was another fun show. Straight from the Sun-Shine state of Florida.

  7. ausomadam says:

    weee downloading now like the cover art how do u atach pic to song  cuz like i can see the pic on my psp but not for any other songs???

  8. OmniMoose says:

    i am saving it for my football trip this friday!!! hope its good

  9. Redotonur4head says:

    Best episode ever! You should get that Xerxdeej guy to guest-host again :).

  10. XerxdeeJ says:

    Awwww, shucks!

    I had a great time chatting with Foo Mo Jive.  We have had the chance to game a few times since then.  Keep up the good games.


  11. Redotonur4head says:

    Well its true, you added a level of comedy to the show that I havn’t seen since spelchek left :).

  12. juice57 says:

    What was rong with JVB’s MIC??

  13. Dialpex says:

    This is a great episode… deej did an awesome job on this along with Foo and JVB… I must say its one of my favorites. Nice Job guys…

  14. meean Luc says:

    I liked it I’m floooooooooooting in mid-ar woooooooooooo

  15. SDtektiv says:

    *Spelt out in shownotes= “S Detective” (I have a hard-to-pronounce gamertag as well Xerx!)
    Great Show! I was excited to hear my jokes read on the show and Xerx had like a canter or something to his voice that was easy to listen to. I am glad that you guys liked my jokes!

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