Episode 72: Customs and Call-ins

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All Right guys this is finaly out. After going crazy trying to find that ribbon for the podart lol. On this episode we will cover our top 3 custom games, listen to our top voice mails that you guys sent in and also plenty of the tales from the Foxhole. It’s an awesome show. With guest hosts Phantom Gett and LoneBananaFone. Pod Art this week comes from I Stigmatic I. And as we say it every time, big thanks to Ciclonic for editing audio. Also thanks to Painkilla05 for editing the voice mails. Enjoy guys!

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28 Responses to Episode 72: Customs and Call-ins

  1. LoneBananaFone says:

    first commmenttttttt

  2. I Stigmatic I says:

    I <3 the podart!

  3. UPS man 23 says:

    3rd hohohohohoho! great show!

  4. CrimsonRice says:

    YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Ive been waiting for dis.

  5. CrimsonRice says:

    Downloading it now!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Stooch says:

    Cant wait to hear it! Good job Dial!

  7. JVB says:

    Great job guys. I also want to thank the 3 of you for the great words of encouragement.

  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Nice job Painkilla with the voicemails!

  9. ExpandedFlame says:

    nice podart, a bit messy though.

    hey JVB, your back!

  10. Painkilla05 says:

    I love how Ciclonic does exactly what fone says. Also, why is their an ad at the end of the podcast…

  11. Dialpex says:

    Where have you been painkilla.. that add has been there several times already…!!!

    Hope you all liked the episode.!!! Gett and Lone did a great Job..!!! thanks again guys..!!!

  12. Painkilla05 says:

    I dont ususlly listen to the end part. Whys it there anyway?

  13. CapnKrunk says:

    Great show guys! Dialpex, I don’t see what you were so worried about…except for that American accent :D

  14. Chevelle65 says:

    ummm Dial, this was a great ep. Its now in my top three ep. Yeah capn said it best! You did great dude!

    HAHAHAHAH ooga ooga ooga chalka!!!!!!!!

    and dial, your american accent!!! hhaahahahahaha

  15. Dialpex says:

    Lol..*american accent voice* Thanks for the support guys.. lol

    And Painkilla.. We promote them and they promote us. We use their promotion in our show and they use our promotion on their show. ;)

  16. Painkilla05 says:

    Oh ok.

  17. Laird says:

    Great job, downloaded the episode from the wifi at the airport right before I hopped on my plane for San Diego, left a quick voicemail aswell for the show.

  18. vyse121 says:

    Crimson u really messed up the real sory of the dead demonic chipmunk.

  19. vyse121 says:

    if u like zidane’s headbutt ply this game http://www.addictinggames.com/zidaneheadbuttgame.html

  20. BrentGamer says:

    I just love how Episode 72 is the “Bash BrentGamer Show”.

  21. articlegfx says:

    this should be good…nice spanish banana

  22. articlegfx says:


  23. SDtektiv says:

    It was a good episode! I liked the jokes Dialpex made. That one guest host who was constantly shutting him down needs to loosen up and not be so critical! Let people have a good time!

  24. Redchannel says:


  25. terminatormonky says:

    i bashed my head on the cp after i listened to this episode (in excitement)

  26. cabose12 says:

    I won’t send hate-mail because This show was awesome!!!!

  27. TFD says:

    downloaded it now expectin it to be funny since lonebanana is in it

  28. A Oompa Loompah says:

    eny 1? :D

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