Podtacular 601: The Frank State of MCC

It’s no question that Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched with some rather game-breaking bugs and suffered a quick decline in online activity within the first months of its lifespan, but we weren’t the only ones suffering with the monument that was, at the time, five separate games pulled into one. With the announcement last week that The Master Chief Collection would be receiving a much needed update in early 2018, Frankie took to the Halo Subreddit to address the current state of the game and what’s to come in the following months. Giving us a glimpse into the technical challenges plaguing the game, he tries to make more transparent the issues that has left MCC in the state it is currently in and why anything hasn’t been done in the past two years. Thankfully, with some of the improvements that has been made to the Xbox One operating system, some of these issues can finally be addressed and hopefully give a second breath of life into the title. Now if we can only get it to Windows 10…

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