Podtacular 591: CMT’s SPV3, Part 2

We are pleased to have Masterz on again to talk about the Custom Map Team’s Single Player, Version 3. This time, they have completed work on the second half of their campaign overhaul of the Halo: Combat Evolved. While the team has worked to bring the same level of new features and tools to the second half of the campaign, the newer, more interesting changes come with its launcher. CMT SPV3 now is a standalone mod from your regular Custom Edition install, but adds a whole lot of new features, like 4K at 60FPS, default control schemes for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, and an installer, so it doesn’t touch your existing install. Even if you don’t have Halo: Custom Edition installed, all you’ll need is the mod installer and a valid Halo: Combat Evolved key. Find out more about the mod and where you can download it on August 19th at their subreddit /r/HaloSPV3.

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