Podtacular 588: The Untold Story of Halo – Beginnings, Branding and Breakdowns

The developmental story behind is not a new journey that hasn’t been pursued before. Many Halo fans have some realization of the developmental struggle that the franchise has faced in the past and all throughout its lifespan, but it’s something worth diving into when the people who were in the crucible of making Halo the renowned title it is today bring their personal experiences to the table. The mantle of responsibility, as it were, brought many pressures to the team as we get the best oral record to date of the developmental challenges that was making the Halo games.

In this episode, we are taking a look at the first part in a three-part article that gives us the complete and untold oral history of the Halo franchise. We briefly refresh on what most people know, that it began as a third-person shooter game for Macintosh and such, but mostly focus on some of the information that may not be as commonplace to Halo fans. The development of Halo isn’t as pretty as it may seem by the final product, so join us as we take a look at how such a masterpiece as Halo was forged into a world-renowned franchise.

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