Episode 57: Halo 3 and Amaz Show!

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This show we talk about what we know about Halo 3 so far along with what listeners want to see implemented in Halo 3. We also talk about other games Halo fans are playing, and lots of amaz! This one is destined to be a classic. With guest hosts TollBoothWilley and LoneBananaFone. Pod Art this week comes from xbs13. Does that work for all Halo players?. Also, thanks to Ciclonic for the awesome job on editing.

Don’t forget, we have a big tournament coming up on Saturday night! This tournament is open to all Podtacular clans including rec clans. You need to register by Friday at midnight though. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

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23 Responses to Episode 57: Halo 3 and Amaz Show!

  1. SoggyLongbottom says:

    haahaa, man I was so the first person to listen to this one(other than the hosts of course). I stayed up til like 2 AM and downloaded it. haha

  2. Dialpex says:

    Nawww he’s just lieing… I had a friend in high school that used to do the same…

  3. Total Sacrifice says:

    Good show, guys. Man, tollbooth is blinging with the cash. ;)

  4. tollboothewilliey says:

    Co-Host And First Post!! +1000000000000000000000000000 Cool Points

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Cooler than williey points

  6. foomojive says:

    wow bonus points. I was debating whether to stay up that late and post it last night since I got it late at night. I figured I didn’t want it to end up waiting until tonight since we’re recording 58 tonight. So I bit the bullet and got it done but now I’m pretty tired. Thanks Ciclonic for the editing!

  7. LoneBananaFone says:

    remember tollboothwilley,
    1st is the worst, LoneBananaFone is the best,
    foomo is awesome, i just got an A on a test

    yeah, this episode was a alright
    we should make a poll on the left hand column of the site that asks which episode is the funniest
    id vote ep. 53.

  8. Dialpex says:

    Ep 53 was awesome.. It was great… JVB is freaking funny…
    But you did a great job there Lone… The Phone number on the radio story was great.. LMAO..!!!

  9. Lord hobo says:

    this is a great show, remember im a nice british guy who doesnt goto hogwarts

  10. Sugar Daddie says:

    So am I… but I applied to go there.

  11. JVB says:

    I wasnt in this Ep..

  12. QualityJeverage says:

    Since I’m Canadian, I go to Hogwarts’ sister school, Pigblisters. I know this guy named Barry Shoemaker, and his friends Jon Squirrelly, and Hermione Oatmeal.

  13. SoggyLongbottom says:

    dude, I so got that

  14. SoggyLongbottom says:

    dude, I so got that haha

  15. xXxITCxXx says:

    lol funny funny tollbooth!

  16. tollboothewilliey says:


  17. Cowbel says:

    Lord Hobo you go to Hogwarts! hey could Warthogs be a school?

  18. Lord hobo says:

    oh thats for me to know and u to find out

  19. Painkilla05 says:

    Avada kadavra!

  20. KIMO23 says:

    Hogwarts – Warthogs….clever clever!

  21. xbs13 says:

    nice pod art!! who everr did that pod art is like god or something like that

  22. Painkilla05 says:

    Its not really podart. Its more like all they did was put a talk bubble over some guy in a MC suit.

  23. nice day3 says:

    Woohoo, i got my tip mentioned.

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