Podtacular 515: Halo Returns… and Biowolf too

The wait is over and Halo 5: Guardians is here for all!  Whether you’ve dived in to experienced the latest in Master Chief’s saga or put your skills to the test in the Arena, the overall reaction has been very positive compared to past 343 titles.  We’ve got our hands on it and our first impressions as we start to dive into the game.

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2 Responses to Podtacular 515: Halo Returns… and Biowolf too

  1. Phastroh says:

    I had the same exact thing Godzilla had with the night getting stuck on the space elevator but mine was on Legendary. I had died at that part but when it reloaded I am like ok wth so I go looking around and there the Knight was running in place except he was able to shoot and almost killed me from this stuck spot. I would also like to ad that you should just sprint past the Phazons in the next area in fact I ran past all the enemies basically. I will say that right now I am saved where the elevator goes under the city on the level when the Arbiters forces are with you. So far Legendary has not been that bad. Being able to sit and hide till your team respawns instead of them making you hit the next check point is making it not as hard as it should be but then again I think there are too many enemies for a real solo run on legendary to be fun at all or possible to some. Thanks

  2. Rommel S says:

    At least you guys are able to play the game. I live in the northern part of Central New York State and every game is nothing but lag. I have Time Warner Cable as my service provider and I’m not alone with this problem, (Theres a ton of us with this issue. Google it, it comes right up in the search.). It seems to be something with TWC and the H5 servers. TWC says it’s nothing on their end but 343 won’t say a word on the matter. I’ve been in the H5 support forums for days now and nothing from them about it. My internet is 50+ down, 6+ up and 23 ping. I have no other issues with online play. Only H5.

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