Episode 51: Customs and Call-ins

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It’s the customs and call-ins show where we talk about your custom games, tales from the fox hole, and listener voice mails. With guest hosts GLewis and RVB M CaBo0sE.

Pod Art this week comes from Nick of Time. Where can I get one of these iPods??

Thanks once again to Freak in a Box for editing the audio for this week’s show. We’ll probably have episode 52 come out this week as well since 51 was so late. And by the way, keep an eye on this post for a pod tv promo, coming soon! The zombie project lives again! Brrraaaiiinnnssss…

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16 Responses to Episode 51: Customs and Call-ins

  1. foomojive says:

    you know you play too much halo 2 when you’re posting at 6:50 in the morning on the podtacular forums like painkilla and me :)

  2. QualityJeverage says:

    Bah it’s okay, I post at like 1:00am sometimes.

  3. AA Ghost says:

    Nice Show :)

    just gotta say that it was extreamly funny when plasma grenade alone started with his voice mails, haha :D

    And i would also like the n00b-combo

  4. MastaChief2005 says:

    LOL! Foo Mo that was nice.

  5. Polychronopolus says:

    Great show guys. I like the new format for the call-ins with Freak in a box and Katamaki. Keep it up fellas.

  6. ssjmoose says:

    the commandments of foo was prety much the best thing since snow in a can, great show guys, keep it up

  7. JVB says:

    I am cooler then Chuck Norris..lol.

  8. foomojive says:

    Only Van Damme is cooler than Chuck Norris. :)

  9. Michael J Caboose says:

    That caboose guy is sexy! Where does he live so i can sex him up?! lol!

    “The Foo has Spoken!”

  10. Painkilla05 says:

    Geez I must have ordered my Diamond card like January 3rd and I still havnt gotten it arg!

  11. CapnKrunk says:

    Same here, I’ve been wondering about that. Not that I’m in a big hurry to save a buck at Quizno’s or anything…

  12. Michael J Caboose says:

    I wonder if they are even going to actually go through with it! I want my diamond Card damnit!!!

  13. ExpandedFlame says:

    nice album art! i just noticed it isnt that original though.
    sorry, but i had to point it out. give that artist of that some credit…

  14. foomojive says:

    Dangit I hate when people do that. Of course we don’t know who the original artist is because these are potentially leaked images. Thanks for pointing that out though Expanded. Don’t forget that a lot of the art on here hasn’t necessarily been original, like pretty much any halo 2 image comes from a painting or a capture or something that someone else took, but still those people should be credited.

  15. CapnKrunk says:

    I think all these new iPod images are fakes. Check it out: http://web.mac.com/christianwedlock/iWeb/Christian/fake.mov

    And the only way we’re gonna know for sure is when Apple makes it’s announcement on Feb 28. Oh, wait…that’s today…gotta go bye!

  16. Spartan331 says:

    okay, no offense, but whoever did the shownotes, didn’t do a very good job. i used the submission button and sent in the 3v3 showdown and the tale from the fox hole that was about infinite camo. me get no credit….me sad. :(

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